Composer and Chinese flutist Yu-Hsin Chang is currently a Ph. D. candidate in music composition and theory at UC Davis. She received her previous degrees (MFA, BFA) from Taiwan. Her works include solo, chamber, and orchestral pieces for both Western and Chinese music instruments, and have been performed by soprano Tony Arnold, the Empyrean Ensemble, the Daedalus Quartet, the Nouvel Ensemble Moderne, the Chai Found Music Workshop, and the Little Giant Chinese Chamber Orchestra. Chang’s music reflects contemplative atmosphere with sparkling music timbre and pulses, and the bi-musicality of Western and Taiwanese/Chinese music traditions. Her music has been featured worldwide, including Music Taiwan 2016, Etchings Festival 2016, Cortona Sessions 2014, and Shanghai Conservatory New Music Week 2011. Recently she studied under the direction of Pablo Ortiz and Laurie San Martin. Her previous composition mentors include Kurt Rohde, Sam Nichols and Chin-Yu Lin.


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