Erik S. Dæhlin (b. 1976):

Composer and performing artist, educated at the conservatory in Tromsø, The Academy of Fine Art in Oslo and studies in composition at the Norwegian Academy of Music. Since 1998 he has composed solo and chamber music, as well as electro-acoustic music for musicians and ensembles such as Karin Hellqvist, Håkon Stene, Norwegian Radio Orchestra, MiN Ensemble, Oslo Camerata, Ensemble neoN, Liv Glaser, NING, Pinquins, BIT20, NRK, Oslo Sinfonietta among others. His music has been performed at the World Music Days in Hong Kong, Nordic Music Days, Ultima Festivalen, Instalakcje and in several other European venues and festivals.

Dæhlin is particularly concerned with instrumental- and music theater – musical genres that integrates different kinds of performative material, that unfolds in and beyond the music and in context to the performance space. By himself seen as different hybrid art works, where he compose and devise with musical, visual and textual material making conglomerate forms of sound based art.

The recent years Dæhlin has made scenic productions and concerts as well as various forms of live-/concert installations such as “Our Picture is Continuous Fractions”, ”Bildebeskrivelse/Bildbeschreibung/Description of a Picture”, “On Return to Scale”, “Desiring Machines,” “Absence is the Only Real” and “Forvandlinger” – an ongoing project with the poet Gunnar Wærness.

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