Composing for acoustic and electronic mediums, the music of Montréal-based American composer Scott Rubin combines intuitive adventures with efforts that dive into the peculiarities of auditory cognition and psychological anomalies.

Scott’s music has been performed in the United States, Canada, France, and Colombia by the Nouvel Ensemble Moderne, Ensemble Paramirabo Quasar Quatuor de saxophones, Juan Sebastian Delgado, TAK ensemble, Meitar Ensemble, Ensemble Transmission, the Estrella Consort, and others. His music has been presented by the Emergents Concert Series (Toronto), Permutations (NYC). l’Ensemble contemporain de Montréal+, Ottawa New Music Creators, Codes d’Accès (Montreal), and the North American Saxophone Alliance.

In addition to his compositional activities, Scott co-organizes the Montréal Contemporary Music Lab (

Scott recently studied with Philippe Leroux at McGill University. In the fall, he will begin doctoral studies with Franck Bedrossian at the University of California at Berkeley. More information at


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